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The advantages of decorative concrete can be seen all over towns such as Allentown, Scranton, New Castle and Northeastern Pennsylvania, as aged buildings are being redesigned and new buildings are being constructed. Homeowners and business owners alike have begun using techniques such as concrete staining and stamping on their floors, patios, driveways and more. It is also becoming popular to see concrete countertops in Pennsylvania kitchens and baths.

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The numerous benefits of concrete contribute to its popularity throughout Pennsylvania, and across the United States. One of concrete's best features is its many customization options. Decorative applications include coloring, engraving, stamping, staining, polishing, stenciling, embedding objects, and more. Another great feature of concrete is that it is green, meaning that it can be installed in an environmentally responsible manner using eco-friendly products. Also, concrete floors and countertops require little maintenance and hold up well to foot traffic and use.

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